Directed by Annie Louie
Sound Design by Beth Lake
Lighting Design by Lonnie R. Alcaraz

Presented by UC-Irvine, Counter Balance Productions and The Claire Trevor School of the Arts at the eXperimental Media Design Lab


The story is Jane Eyre's story; a young girl in Victorian England who makes her own decisions and, by staying true to herself, is able to find true love in the face of adversity. In this production, seven actors play all manner of characters, animals, architecture and furniture. The text is taken directly from Bronte's Jane Eyre. The medium through which the story is told is entirely contemporary, blending contact dance with minimalist design within a fusion of realism and expressionism that results in something entirely its own.


Our production follows Jane through all of the major events in her lifetime. We begin with Jane's early life at school through becoming a teacher. Eventually she decides that she must find new employment by advertising her skills.

One of the conventions that is established very early is that of the narrator. Jane's inner monologue is given precedence by using dialogue from the novel spoken by an actor and amplified over the action onstage. This narrator is present throughout the show, and she interacts with Jane as voice of reason.

Beth Lake does not claim rights to any of the music contained in these recording. This is merely documentation of a performance in which this music was used.

All photos are courtesy of Lonnie R. Alcaraz.  See more of Lonnie work at: lradesigns.com.