Directed by Christopher Marshall
Sound Design: Beth Lake
Lighting Design: Karyn D. Lawrence


Anna Karenina is a tale of passion, love and duty.  This production focused on Anna's relationship with her child, in this case her daughter, and its evolution through Anna's memory. Seryozha is a constant presence, aware of each decision Anna is making.

This production used harsh lighting and dilapidated costumes to create the unreal, dreamlike world that represents Anna's memory.  Everyone and everything was focused on Anna; Her every moment watched and scrutinized. The sound design of this show defined each characters' relationship with Anna.  Fluid, evolving drones lead from one scene to another, punctuated by sharp, metallic beats.  Real world moments, such as the ball, and the wedding dissolved into Anna's memories on the stage.

Sage Hill School is a private school located in Newport Beach, CA.  All students audition to be a part of the program, and many work professionally in Los Angeles. They are a very talented group of kids, entirely willing to take on this challenging piece of theater.


This production of Anna Karenina chose to follow the impact of Anna's decisions on her relationship with her child, Seryozha, in this case, her daughter. We begin the play with the mechanations of Anna's inner turmoil surrounding the audience, while watching a young Seryozha play. The sounds of the train build until we discover Anna in a netherworld of thought and memory.

Kitty and Levin have a completely different relationship than anyone else in the play. Their love true, passionate and sweet. The tone of the room changes entirely when Kitty and Levin are present. More specifically, Levin's love for Kitty changes the way he interacts with Anna.

All photos are courtesy of Aaron Huniu. 

Beth Lake does not claim rights to any of the music contained in these recording. This is merely documentation of a performance in which this music was used.